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Monday, February 02, 2009

Tribune and other Conglomerates Opt for Mixpo over Google

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America's largest employee-owned media company (Tribune) is among five media conglamerates counting on Mixpo to deliver higher online ad revenue figures.
Mixpo uses a comprehensive VideoAd platform that provides advertisers with the tools to run  online video ads at a local level.
In addition to the Tribune's major daily papers such as the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun, other outlets, the deal also includes NBC Local Media,Freedom Communications,, and Fisher Communications, for a combined total of 57 TV stations and approximately 1,700 newspapers.

Mixpo president Anupam Gupta explained the dynamic relationship between the media partners and the inspiration behind the deal.

Many of our partners are traditional, local media companies - across Newspaper, TV, Cable and Radio segments - that understand how online video advertising can help them transform their businesses online. Our partners offer premium local content and a local sales presence that keeps them directly connected with local audiences and advertisers. Combining those significant assets with our online VideoAd platform, helps them deliver very compelling local advertising solutions.

Does this deal indicate that middle size markets are searchign for an alternative to the Google / One True Media SpotMixer video platform? I doubt it, but this alliance is certainly a feather in the cap for Mixpo.

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