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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Track the Word on the Steet with Alacra Street Pulse Sentiment Tagging

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With blogs, forums and news articles updating every second, your company's reputation could be tarnished before you even realize it. As a result, sentiment tracking and analytic tools are becoming essential for survival.
Alacra Technology just released the Pulse Platform and Street Pulse.
Pulse Platform  reads and analyzes news stories and blog posts from more than 2,000 hand-selected mainstream and alternative media RSS feeds searching for specific types of business information that lets you quickly consume relevant and vital about a company.

Street Pulse is a free application that captures and organizes comments from traditional equity, credit and industry analysts as well as alternative media. A free, ad-supported version is available at

How does Street Pulse work?
According to Alacra's Press release, Street Pulse integrates comments from sell-side, credit analysts, industry analysts and a carefully vetted list of influential bloggers. The data is organized so that users can easily see comments on a single company or those from a specific firm or analyst. It's the only source that organizes comments from traditional analysts and the alternative media in a single view.

Streetpulse features an easy user interface with three search options:

  1. Company.
  2. Analyst.
  3. Firm.

streetpulse coke searchEnter your desired company and you'll see the latest analyst comments on the next page. For a broad overview of the market as a whole, you can return to the homepage, featuring an analyst comment ticker and on the right, a section titled:  What's Hot? The Most Talked About Companies Today. The comment tickcer is categorized by sellside analysts, bloggers, credit analysts and industry analysts, streetpulse key
Companies are ranked by the total number of comments, with the latest comment posted next to the analyst indicator. Hot companies today included GM (NYSE: GM), HP (NYSE:HPQ), Sprint (NYSE:S), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) , Chrysler LLC, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA), CBS (NYSE:CBS), Nestle (VTX:NESN)

Overall, I was impressed with Street Pulse, and I think it's a valuable tool for market research. However, many of its tools are already on Google Finance, such as updates on news,blogs discussions. and feeds. Street Pulse's most appealing features are the search by firm and search by analyst options.

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