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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Skynet Research E-Mail = Viral Campaign for Terminator Salvation Movie

skynet research email

Jason forwarded me an odd email this morning from Special Ops Media. The subject line read: SKYNET RESEARCH CALL FOR ROBOTIC DESIGNS.

Jason noted, "This is pretty funny"

skynet robotsAfter I scrolled down, looked at some of the robot images and read the company overview, I laughed to myself  because I was reminded of Cyberdyne Systems, the research and development firm that made the killer robots in the Terminator movies.
I mentioned the Terminator link to Jason and he agreed it seemed eerily similar. I read through the Terminator plot and had my "Duh" moment.  Skynet Research was a division of Cyberdyne in the Terminator movie and TV series. The funny thing is, I'm not even a huge fan of the series, but my memory made an association almost immediately.

In the storyline,Skynet is a network of supercomputers that replace human pilots and military control systems, including nuclear missiles. Keep in mind that the fourth installment of the Terminator movie series:Terminator Salvation, debuts in national theaters on May 21. This email and is just the beginning of a complex viral marketing campaign at, It also incorporates a Facebook group and its own Youtube channel.

There's  a lot of material to digest from this website, including videos to review, so I'm going to take a closer look and share some of my observations in a follow-up post. ATTENTION: Here is the UPDATE: - Terminator 4 Viral Campaign

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