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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random House & John Grisham close to E-Book deal w/ Amazon

john grishamOne of the most succesful authors of the past two decades, John Grisham is working with Random House to finalize a deal with Amazon that would release 22 of his titles in ebook format, just in time for the Kindle 2. Grisham , New York Times  bestelling author without ebooks available for purchase.

David Gernert, Grisham's agent, told the Wall Street Journal::

There was a period when John and I felt it was a good idea to watch the world of e-books evolve before diving in. Now that it's a more mature marketplace, he will be available very soon in all digital formats.


random house

E-Book sales could prove to be the path to recoveryfor  Random House  after Irwyn Applebaum left  back in Dec. In my  post:Digital Age Hurts Random House, Simon and Schuster.   I wrote:

These unfavorable conditions should pressure publishers consider a significant shift to alternate forms of media, especially digital publishing via audiobooks and software similar to the Stanza application for iPhone.

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