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Friday, February 06, 2009

Meebo Reconnects w/ Facebook to Expand Messaging Network

meebo facebook login

Meebo simplified communication for millions of users when it reconnected Facebook to its platform this week. Meebo originally added Facebook chat to Meebo back in Dec, but was asked to remove it, due to technical issues.

Meebo's blog claims its now the first launch partner of the “alpha” version of the Facebook Connect + Chat integration.

There was a time when AOL Instant Messenger was the primary channel for communicating with friends, classmates and co/workers - now it's just one of multiple channels we use to connect.

With more channels, such as Google Talk, MSN Live, Yahoo and social networks like Facebook and Myspace, we also have more reasons to connect. The lines  between business and pleasure have been blurred, as we use instant messaging to chat with friendds, negotiate business deals, or share photos and videos with family.

As a result, many users use mulitple screennames for various tasks, and platforms such as Meebo become more valuable. Meebo combines AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ ,Jabber, Myspace and Facebook in one window.

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