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Monday, February 02, 2009

Dennys Grand Slam / Top Super Bowl Ads

twitter jackbox

Pittsburgh Steelers fans aren't the only ones celebrating a major victory. Jack in the Box and Denny's made waves with their Super Bowl 43 commercials.

hangintherejack, the theme of Jack in the Box's commercial, was the top phrase in Google Trends.dennys free grand slam It also ranked No.5 without spaces and jackinthebox was No. 16.
Denny's had three phrases in the top 25:

Denny's free grand slam ranked 6

Denny's locations ranked 13

Denny's restaurant ranked 23

Denny's ad featured a group of gangsters discussing "business", only to be interrupted by a waitress spraying whipped cream on their waffles. The ad ends with a free grand slam offer for Tuesday, Feb. 3.
UPDATE: View  pics of the line for free Grandslams at our local Denny's.
Jack in the box went viral with its commercial series. The first commercial reveals that Jack Box has been injured, and you can follow his recovery at, or facebook.

Denny's promo proves that some methods, (a day's worth of freebies) never fails to generate a buzz, while the success of jackinthebox is more evidence that viral campaigns that incorporate social networks can drive a record amount of traffic to your site.

By Matt O'Hern at 08:58 AM | Comments (2)

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Comments by Maddie : Wednesday, February 04, 2009 at 09:06 PM

I kno like everyone that goes to jack in the box,hes not going to die. Its tv y would he die i mean the only reason y people put stuff like that in commercials it to get one thing "F A M E" and with that i got to say that jack will never die and even if its tru or straight bullshit people all around the world believe stupid shit on tv... lol thats just me and what i believe if anyone got butt hurt email me back or put me on blast cuz i wouldnt mind geting "FAME" off this comment..

Comments by JARRED LOVES KELSEY : Saturday, February 07, 2009 at 12:54 AM

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