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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Interesting Facts about Google CEO Eric Schmidt

eric schmidt

As the Chief Executive Officer of Google, (NASDAQ:GOOG) Eric Schmidt is one of the most influential leaders in the tech and economic world.

We can only imagine the stress inherent with manning the helm at the company that revolutionized the web, but Schmidt's  a weathered veteran in the realm of web technology.

Here are some interesting facts about Schmidt:

  • Schmidt wants to save newspapers .

The leader of the world's most imporant online company has a soft place in his heart for the old media.During an interview with Fortune, Schmidt said that newspapers are a vital component of democracy  that offer information that bloggers would never sufficiently replace. He cited various factors, ranging from decreasing ad revenue to rising printing costs, for the industry's collapse. Schmidt implied that Google is searching for a solution to keep newspapers viable.

  • Schmidt turned down a chance to work for Obama.

Despite his public endoresment of Barack Obama, Schmidt declined Obama's offer to be the Chief Technical Office Cabinet position.

  •  Schmidt described Google as a "Social Phenomenon"

During an interview with Wired, Schmidt used that phrase as one of his four desciptions for Google.

  • Schmidt believes that arrogance kills companies, not competition. At least, that's what he told Zdnet last month.
  •  From 1983 to March 1997, Schmidt  worked at Sun Microsystems Inc., including Chief Technology Officer from February 1994 to March 1997, where he led the development team for Java.

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