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Friday, February 06, 2009

Crazy Quote of the week: Rupert Murdoch: Great Faith in Newspaper

burning newspapers

Only three days after the inaugural rally- Buy a Newspaper Day - the Wall Street Journal became the latest newspaper to layoff writers due to decling ad revenue. Despite the warning signs of the industry's  collapse, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, chariman of News Corp (NASDAQ:NWSA)was audacious enough to proclaim:

I have great faith in the future of newspaper business.

Rupert, I wonder how much your faith will be tested of the months and years to come.

Crazy Quote of the week: Rupert Murdoch: Great Faith in Newspaper By Matt O'Hern at 04:40 PM
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Springsteen & Fans Trash Ticketmaster / TicketsNow on Twitter

ticketmaster vs. new jersey

If there's a list of the worst crowd to tick off, New Jersyans are definitely in the top 10. As the son of two New Jersy natives, I learned that lesson the hard way, and Ticketmaster CEO Irving Azoff is feeling the heat after many Jersey-area Springsteen fans seeking tickets to his concert at the Izod center  were redirected to, a resale site that sells tickets above face price.

Outraged fans responded with angry emails and Springsteen condemned Ticketmaster's tactics on his fan site, To gain realtime perspective of the customer outrage, just search ticketsnow on Twitter.

I.E. SmoothieRider posted:

Lets HOPE that TicketMaster & TicketsNow dont get involved with the DMB Tour this summer and screw up like they did Bruce Springsteen's

Ticketmaster issued an apology to Springsteen and his fans, which he posted on his homepage. Here's an excerpt:

We will never again link to TicketsNow in a manner that can possibly create any confusion during a high-demand on-sale. Specifically, we will not present an option to go to TicketsNow from Ticketmaster without the consent of the artist and the venue, both of whom work together to bring the joy of live entertainment to millions of fans. If any fans inadvertently purchased tickets in the resale marketplace believing in error they were purchasing from the initial on-sale, we will refund the difference between the actual purchase price and the face price of the ticket. Please don't abuse this good faith gesture - we did not give brokers any preferential access to tickets.

Notice how Ticketmaster phrased the ending "We did not give brokers any preferential access to tickets." Translation: "We're sorry you weren't smart enough to figure out our system."

I know how frustrating it can be to deal with Ticketmaster. They lost my ticket to a U2 Elevation Tour concert in Atlanta. Hopefully, a viable-competitor will emerge from this PR mess Ticketmaster is battling, which highlights the importance of online reputation management.

Springsteen & Fans Trash Ticketmaster / TicketsNow on Twitter By Matt O'Hern at 02:00 PM
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Promo Codes Are Available for iPhone App Store

iphone promo code

I was pleasantly surprised when Andrea Cousens of CityMint informed me that promotional codes DO exist for iPhone Apps.
After reading my post about Apple from earlier this week, Cousens commented:

Hi Matt, You are in luck! Apple is now giving out promo codes for developers/media, etc. who want to test out new apps. Let me know if you are interested in checking out CityMint - first comprehensive (more than 1,000 restaurants and growing) food ordering app, just posted in the app store today. I will set you up with a promo code.

I told her I would be happy to take CityMint for a test drive, and she sent me the mint logo I clicked on the link she provided and it took me the same redeem page that's used for iTunes gift card. The only downside of the story is that,for now, CityMint only works in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston or Seattle , but more cities are being added daily.

For any of you other developers out there, if you send me your promo code, I would be happy to write a review for you.

Promo Codes Are Available for iPhone App Store By Matt O'Hern at 11:49 AM
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Meebo Reconnects w/ Facebook to Expand Messaging Network

meebo facebook login

Meebo simplified communication for millions of users when it reconnected Facebook to its platform this week. Meebo originally added Facebook chat to Meebo back in Dec, but was asked to remove it, due to technical issues.

Meebo's blog claims its now the first launch partner of the “alpha” version of the Facebook Connect + Chat integration.

There was a time when AOL Instant Messenger was the primary channel for communicating with friends, classmates and co/workers - now it's just one of multiple channels we use to connect.

With more channels, such as Google Talk, MSN Live, Yahoo and social networks like Facebook and Myspace, we also have more reasons to connect. The lines  between business and pleasure have been blurred, as we use instant messaging to chat with friendds, negotiate business deals, or share photos and videos with family.

As a result, many users use mulitple screennames for various tasks, and platforms such as Meebo become more valuable. Meebo combines AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ ,Jabber, Myspace and Facebook in one window.

Meebo Reconnects w/ Facebook to Expand Messaging Network By Matt O'Hern at 10:37 AM
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My question for Mark Zuckerberg: Will Facebook Remain Free?

mark zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg:facebook logo

In five years,you've  accomplished more than most entrepreneurs can boast in a lifetime.
I know I speak for millions of other bloggers and Facebook users when I say your creation revolutionized and enhanced our web use in ways that we could never imagine. From finding old friends to promoting charitable causes with apps and groups, we've all enjoyed the ride on the hottest  social network.
 Since your 2007 deal with Microsoft, you've surpassed your arch rival  Myspace  , yet you're still searching for profitability solutions. I look at your remarkable growth and I can't help but wonder:

How much longer will you continue down this challenging path to profitability before you contemplate a subscription fee?

I realize that the current economic climate is far from ideal, but If investors aren't convinced at this point, what will it take to get their attention?

I'm sure Facebook's exponential growth during the past year has been both a blessing and a curse. You must feel like a dinner host with  extra guests arriving each minute. Sure, you're glad to see more friendly faces, but there's only so much food to go around.

You obviously have one of the sharpest  minds in development, and I know sales might not be your forte, but you've got one of the hottest commodities in the world, and I want to know the excuses investors are giving you for their reluctance.

You can reach me any time.

-Matt O'Hern

My question for Mark Zuckerberg: Will Facebook Remain Free? By Matt O'Hern at 09:22 AM
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Will IHOP Pancake Day Beat Denny's Grand Slam Giveaway?

ihop pancake day

Who will win the battle of breakfast diners- Denny's vs. IHOP? Denny's just served free grand slam breakfasts, and the national response was pretty impressive. In a few weeks, IHOP celebrates National Pancake Day, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m on Feb. 24.  IHOP is offering a free shortstack to every customer and they created a site to encourage donations (in place of the cost) to benefit Childrens Miracle Network.

ihope childrens miracle networkNational Pancake Day isn't an event IHOP marketers can claim. It dates back several centuries to when the English prepped for fasting during Lent.  Church rules prohibited the eating of all dairy products during Lent, so pancakes were made to use up the supply of eggs, milk, butter and other dairy products… hence the name Pancake Tuesday. In 2008, IHOP gave away more than 1.5 million pancakes and raised over $875,000 in support of Children’s Miracle Network and other local charities, far exceeding its goal to raise $750,000. I'll keep my eye out for any final tally presented by Dennys.  On Facebook, over 168,000 users have signed up for IHOPs event, but you never know how many of those will actually show up.

Will IHOP Pancake Day Beat Denny's Grand Slam Giveaway? By Matt O'Hern at 04:56 PM
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Lookout Target and Wal-Mart: ALDI Stores Are Coming


While millions of companies scramble for cost-cutting solutions in this economic recession, one store is already operating with a minimal staff, but it's thriving, with 8,500 stores worldwide, including 1,400 in the United States, and more to come.

If you live in the suburbs of the New York or Philly, you may have noticed a new grocery store with an unfamiliar name: ALDI -short for Albrecht Discounts, named after Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht, brothers who founded the company.

Before you head to ALDI's, you should bring your own bag- seriously. Leave behind your credit card or checkbook. To save time and processing fees, ALDI only takes debit cards and cash.  ALDI provides bags, (5 cents for paper, 10 cents for plastic), but they encourage shoppers to recycle their old ones. It's an eco-friendly and enviro-friendly move.

aldi quarter signAs you approach the entrance, you'll notice that there aren't any cart attendants walking around, and all the carts are organized.That's because ALDI thought ahead and eliminated the overhead cost of cart attendants. (Layoff #1 avoided)
Instead, they give the customer incentive to return the cart. You unlock a cart by placing a quarter into a slot placed on the handle, once you return the cart and lock it back into place, the cart returns your quarter. The "Cart Rental" technique reduces overhead costs, and maintains a clean looking parking lot, unlike Wal-Martor Target, where customers tend to just leave the cart wherever they please.

Once you're inside, you'll wonder how they fit so much food into one space, without creating a sense of claustrophobia. aldi aislesEach ALDI store is only four-to-five lanes wide, and all of the food items are displayed in their original shipping pallets, which save space and money.
aldi wafflesEach store sells approximately 1,400 regularly-stocked items, from staple foods to wine. Each week, the store has an item in "Special Purchase", which can range from computers to furniture.

Most of the brands are generic, but you can find recognizable names such as Healthy Choice, Pringles and Eggo. Compared to major retail stores, ALDI customers save 16 to 40 percent on private label or store brands at traditional supermarkets. ALDI also offers higher wages to its workers. Cashiers start at $10 per hour and store manager trainees start at $20 per hour, and every employee who works at least 20 hours per week receives full medical and dental insurance plus 401k.
When you've filled you cart and checked-out at the cashier, you bag your own groceries. ALDI avoids the cost of bag boys, and passes the savings along. Obviously, the bag-it-yourself method is a major turn-off for certain customers, particularly if they're older, but I know plenty of people who would rather do it themselves because the bag boys screw it up so often.(layoff#3 avoided)

If you're less concerned with name brands and tired of the hustle and bustle of the major retailers, check out ALDI. You may not become a regular customer, but you'll walk out with much more cash in your back pocket. Just don't forget that quarter.

Lookout Target and Wal-Mart: ALDI Stores Are Coming By Matt O'Hern at 03:52 PM
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Gatorade Rebranding Image with & The Quest for G

mission g logo

What do Kevin Garnett, Derek Jeter, Misty-May Treanor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a talking goat and a fire-breathing poodle have in common? They're all in the first episode of the Quest for G, at

quest for g bookGatorade finally unveiled an official site , following its What is G? commercial series. The Mission G homepage features a rotating panel of webisode series, including, the Quest for G, Blockhedz (an animated series about rapping skaters), Freestyle session 10, (international freestyle dance competition) and Leave it on the floor- starring fashion designer Fonzworth Bentley, who interviews and introduces talented musicians and artists about fashion and trends,  In his first episode, he interviews Jabbawockeez, Kenna and two freestyle dance teams:  the L.A. Breakers and the Circus Runaways.

The Quest for G is a parody of the British Comedy: Monty Pyhton's Quest for the Holy Grail. Unless you're a fan of the movie, (and I'm not), you should save yourself the five minutes and watch one of the other webisodes. (*UPDATE: Take a look behind the scenes of the Quest For G. ) freestyle 10
Here's a rundown of the Quest for G. Garnett, the warrior king, leads his crew of epic knights- Sir Jeter the Gifted, Sir Jimmy-the 'other' gifted, sir Usain Bolt the Gutsy, Sir  Bolt's pet Ego, Misty-May Treanor and Kerri Walsh, the two headed,three legged knight.  On the path of their epic journey to find G, Garnett's crew encounters  a mythical giant, (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and a talking goat that warns them about the deadly territory known as Game 7. They reach the foresaken land, and conquer the  fire-breathing poodle. At that point, the clouds open and a voice reveals that G is not a place, it's within you.

I had a feeling Gatorade was attempting to reinvent its image, but I never thought it would reach the point that they'd devote a site to breakdancers, fashion designers.

Gatorade Rebranding Image with & The Quest for G By Matt O'Hern at 11:13 AM
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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 update vs. Firefox 3.0.6

firefox vs. ie

I just installed the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. My initial reaction: Neither update offered new tools or features that significantly enhanced my browsing experience. Also, if there's any truth to the saying: "Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.", then Firefox should be blushing.

I.E. Version 8 boasts:
    Faster and More responsive -With new tabs, "opening up fast and reliably" and one click access to your mail, favorite news sites or other online services. Automate your access to real time information updates. You can keep track of your favorite sports team, news, weather with a single click.
More privacy and security.
Two funny side notes:
1. When I initiated the installation process, a prompt asked if I wanted to improve Internet Explorer....Isn't that their job?
2. I.E. 8 has crashed on me three times already.

Accelerators are among the highlighted features for I.E. 8
What are accelerators?
Well, according to Microsoft ,accelerators let you use web service providers more quickly and easily. For example, you can highlight a word on a website, right click, and select the "Define with Encarta" accelerator to obtain a definition of a word without having to navigate to a separate website.

The Map with Live Search prompt is pretty handy as well. ie update live map searchWhether its Paris,France or Paris,Texas,you can upload a map within the same page.

Application Compatibility Logging:
Designed for use by developers and IT professionals to determine the compatibility of their websites with Internet Explorer.


Lets you more quickly fill out web forms and navigate to websites you have visited in the past.

SmartScreen Filter:
Designed to help warn you about unsafe websites. (Nothing fancy here)

Suggested Sites:

List the sites you visit most frequently and suggests  other websites you might be interested in.

Web Slices:
Lets you subscribe to updates from webpages that change frequently, without having to load the entire website. (Sounds awfully similar to an RSS feed)

Firefox's 3.0.6 update focused on fixes, rather tan features. The fixes addressed several security issues, such as local file stealing with SessionStore and crashes with evidence of memory corruption. Firefox also tweaked a few stability areas and improved the ability for scripted commands.

Overall, I thought Microsoft and Mozilla addressed some key areas, but they certainly didn't make any notable strides in development.

Internet Explorer 8 update vs. Firefox 3.0.6 By Matt O'Hern at 03:28 PM
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Google Latitude Not Available for iPhone - Yet

google latitude logo

CBS news reports that the new friend-trackin software: Google Latitude, won't work on the iPhone, but an app is being developed. Latitude uses GPS and triangulation to locate friends and family who are also signed on to the tracker.

Steve Lee, product manager for Google Latitude, told CBS 

What Google Latitude does is allow you to share that location with friends and family members, and likewise be able to see friends and family members' locations.For example, a girlfriend could use it to see if her boyfriend has arrived at a restaurant and, if not, how far away he latitude map

 Latitude's accuracy was scrutinized by a family that was fortunate enough to test the software. They discovered that accuracy decreased in suburban areas with lower signals. I couldn't help but laugh when the daughter complained that Latitude showed her dad in the middle of the Hudson River, because I encountered the same problem with the Over Here app on my iPhone.

Google Latitude Not Available for iPhone - Yet By Matt O'Hern at 11:25 AM
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Apple should make promo codes for iPhone App developers

apple logo

With thousands of developers creating new applications for iPhone every day, app store shoppers rely on reviews from to evaluate a potential app to purchase. The alternative is to check Apple blogs and tech sites on a regular basis, but there's no comprehensive ranking system for customer reference.
Developers, App store shoppers and tech bloggers would all benefit from promo codes. Let's say you've just developed "the next great app" and it costs $5.99 to download. As the developer, you want to showcase the great product to reputable blogs and online magazines, but they're forced to fork out $5.99 to test it for a potential review.  Basically, you're asking them for two favors.

  1. Devote part of your day to review my product.
  2. Spend a few bucks just to test it.

Those create a major disadvantage for developers searching for publicity.
A perfect example is Electronic Arts, (NASDAQ: ERTS) a major developer that recently laid off 1,000 workers. EA created one of the top-five most popular apps: Monopoly, which sells for $5.99. If EA wanted to distribute the game to 100 publications, they would have to include an iTunes gift card, or ask the media to eat the cost. nascar iphone appAnother example is Nascar Live (iNascar), created by iApp Ventures LLC.The application was released last week, and no customer reviews are available yet, so there's no gauge for the shopper.

Now, I know most of you are probably thinking, what's another six dollars? Well, it's just enough to make someome hesitate about reviewing your product, because there are plenty of free apps competing for attention.

Apple should make promo codes for iPhone App developers By Matt O'Hern at 09:20 AM
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gatorade Media Kit Reveals Answer to What is G?

what is g white card

Today,we received the What is G? media kit from Gatorade, via the fine folks at Fleishman-Hillard marketing.
From the moment we opened the package, we were impressed by the quality and the design. The leather-bound case featured a "G" emblem proudly displayed on the front. We opened the lid and found a white greeting card. It read:

You are G.
G is gutsy. G is Genuine. G is Golden.
G encompasses what it takes to be the best to achieve.
Soon the rest of the world will know what G is. And we hope they'll be able to find what's G in themselves.
Within this case you'll find things we hope bring G to life for you-along with some stuff we just think is G.
It's only fitting you be among the first to experience G. We're giving you mad respect. Because that's G too.


The next item in the case was a thin and wide booklet.

what is g book

As you can see, it features plenty of action shots of Gatorade athletes along with attributes on the opposite page. The intro includes a quote from Michael Jordan:

Gatorade is redefining what it means to be an athlete. Look around you, and you'll see; athletes are everywhere. As long as you are pushing yourself physically to achieve are an athlete. And Whatever you strive for, Gatorade wants to celebrate your game.
This celebration will be defined by "G." What is G Exactly? It's hard to define, but you'll know it when you see it. Take a look, and discover G for yourself.

what is g media kit drinks

 A  USB drive with a "G" swivel cover was also included. I plugged it in and watched a brief video where athletes describe what "G" means to them. In order of appearance, they include: what is g usbMichael Jordan, Kerri Walsh, Tiger Woods,Jessica Mendoza, Tommie Smith, Terje Haakonsen, Misty May-Treanor, Jason Mcelwain, Jimmie Johnson, John Maclean, Jabbawockeez,Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Usain Bolt, Mia Hamm, John Wooden, Nadia Comaneci, John Carlos, Candace Parker, Dwayne Wade, Billie Jean King, Picabo Street, Chaz Ortiz, Serena Williams, Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter.   course, the case included seven bottles of GatoradeG flavors. what is g tiger woods

As for a website, and are already taken. You'll just have to visit to learn more about G.

Gatorade Media Kit Reveals Answer to What is G? By Matt O'Hern at 04:36 PM
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Freeloaders Dash to Denny's for Grand Slam Giveaway

denny's logo

In case you forgot the big announcement during Denny's Super Bowl Commercial- you can get a free Grand Slam Breakfast today. Judging from the turnout at the local, Merritt Island chain, I think it's safe to say this was a successful campaign. I shot these two pics around 1:30 p.m.denny's grand slam

Finding a decent angle was a challenge in itself. I had to steer through the demolition derby AKA the parking lot and managed to snap few pics of the Denny's Dashers. As you can see, the waiting time for that line probably rivals Space Mountain at Walt Disney World.

denny's line

Freeloaders Dash to Denny's for Grand Slam Giveaway By Matt O'Hern at 02:01 PM
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Thank You, Fleishman Hillard and Gatorade

what is g? package

We just received a  Gatorade What is G?  media kit courtesy of Tammy Quach, the digital account supervisor at Fleishman Hillard .

Tammy noticed my story about the ambiguous commercial that debuted during a college football BCS game. I'll open the package, comb through the contents and  post pics later. Stay tuned.

Thank You, Fleishman Hillard and Gatorade By Matt O'Hern at 01:15 PM
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Review: Google Earth 5.0: Explores Ocean w/ BBC & National Geographic

google earth dive spots

Billions of people have navigated the greatest landscapes and landmarks of the globe with Google Earth, now they can dive into a new dimension: the open sea.

Google Earth 5.0 is here and it's sure to please everyone from environmentalists, to divers, surfers, fishermen and even elementary school teachers. It's just the latest example of Google's effort to couple various multimedia resources and advanced satellite technology.
Once the earth image loads,  check out the navigation toolbar on the left side of the screen, where you'll notice a new category: Ocean
Click on Ocean, and you'll see a list of subcategories

National Geographic- Photos, stories and video of marine life.
Magazine quiz- A quiz on marine life.
Ocean atlas- Census research on ocean conditions.
BBC earth - Coral reef photo galleries from Planet earthgoogle ocean planet earth
Cousteau Ocean World: Video of Jacques Cousteau expeditions.

Ocean Spots: featuring-
Surf spots- images, comments and logs from and user submitted content from popular beaches. (I.E.Teahupoo, French Polynesia)
Dive spots-Images, comments and logs from and user submitted photos from popular sites: (I.E. The Eagle Wreck in the Florida Keys)
Kite surfing spots- images, comments and logs from Locations include: Necochea, South America.

Shipwrecks- Video of the H.M.S. Maori from shipwreckcentral.comgoogle ocean shipwreck

Ocean expeditions- Logs the journey of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the findings from their MOCNESS net.

Marine Protected Areas: Interactive educational games about the Great Barrier Reef from Protect Planet Ocean.

ARKive: Endangered Ocean- Photo galleries and info regarding endangered marine species.

State of the Ocean:
is an overview of man's environmental impact on the ocean, with interactive data and maps. Categories include
Sea Surface Temperature: Chart and analysis.
Human Impacts: National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)shows the cumulative impact of 17 different stressors associated with human activities (fishing, climate change, land-based pollution, etc.) on 20 marine ecosystems.

Dead Zones: Habitats that have been destroyed by pollution.
MBA: Seafood Watch- Monterey Bay Aquarium recommends choices that are healthy and environmentally friendly
MCS: Fish to Eat- A fisherman's guide to tasty fish in their native areas.
Animal Tracking- Migration patterns of fish
Census of Marine Life- International Census on Marine Microbes.
Marie Tharp Historical Map-The World Ocean Floor Map, created by Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen and painted by Heinrich Berann.

After my trial run of Google Ocean I have three  observations.
1. Google tapped a great variety of resources amassed an amazing amount of information that will be utilized by various people for various purposes.
2. In my humble opinion, many of the subcategories could have been dedicated for more information regarding specific animals, rather than an environmental impact analysis.
3. I can't wait to see the great collections divers, surfers and kite surfers will submit in the months and years to come.

Review: Google Earth 5.0: Explores Ocean w/ BBC & National Geographic By Matt O'Hern at 11:30 AM
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Monday, February 02, 2009

McDonalds Reality House Webisodes Target College Market

mcdonalds reality house

I heard a rumor that McDonalds beloved double cheeseburger was more expensive as a combo, so I checked their site to see if the sandwich itself was still on the dollar menu.
I proceeded to the dollar menu section, to discover that the double cheeseburger is now called "the McDouble" and McDonald's decided to create a cartoon webisode series called reality house, starring Paul, a low-talking deadbeat who makes sarcastic remarks. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to watch episode 1, and I want those 2:45 mins of my life back.

I usually appreciate satire or (anything that makes fun of MTV), for that matter, but I don't know what the writers were on when they created this pointless animated series.  I have a question for James Skinner and Mary Dillon: Why would you waste your advertising resources on a series with such limited appeal?
College age kids are strapped for cash enough already. Showing them a short webisode isn't going to provide any extra incentive for them to capitalize on the good deals at the dollar menu.

McDonalds Reality House Webisodes Target College Market By Matt O'Hern at 02:05 PM
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Tribune and other Conglomerates Opt for Mixpo over Google

mixpo logo

America's largest employee-owned media company (Tribune) is among five media conglamerates counting on Mixpo to deliver higher online ad revenue figures.
Mixpo uses a comprehensive VideoAd platform that provides advertisers with the tools to run  online video ads at a local level.
In addition to the Tribune's major daily papers such as the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun, other outlets, the deal also includes NBC Local Media,Freedom Communications,, and Fisher Communications, for a combined total of 57 TV stations and approximately 1,700 newspapers.

Mixpo president Anupam Gupta explained the dynamic relationship between the media partners and the inspiration behind the deal.

Many of our partners are traditional, local media companies - across Newspaper, TV, Cable and Radio segments - that understand how online video advertising can help them transform their businesses online. Our partners offer premium local content and a local sales presence that keeps them directly connected with local audiences and advertisers. Combining those significant assets with our online VideoAd platform, helps them deliver very compelling local advertising solutions.

Does this deal indicate that middle size markets are searchign for an alternative to the Google / One True Media SpotMixer video platform? I doubt it, but this alliance is certainly a feather in the cap for Mixpo.

Tribune and other Conglomerates Opt for Mixpo over Google By Matt O'Hern at 01:22 PM
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Adobe Flash Player for iPhone? Don't hold your breath.

flash player

In the wake of Bloomberg's report that Adobe and Apple are colloborating to develop an iPhone flash player, many users, myself included, are wondering if they'll check another item off our wish list.
 According to Bloomberg, Adobe's player is installed on 98% of the worlds PCs and the software is available on 800 million handsets, but not the iPhone. Steve Jobs pinned the blame on Adobe and claimed Flash player is too slow for Apple's popular device.

Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen, told Bloomberg that the Apple project could prove to be worth the risk during these dangerous economic times.

It’s a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating.The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver.In the short run, there’s limited visibility in technology spending/ But when we look at the macro spending, we think tech spend will be one of the ways we get out of this funk.

My question: If Apple and Steve Jobs are considered visionary leaders in the tech world, why wasn't this a top priority during 3G iPhone' development? I guess they were too busy developing a smaller iPod shuffle with boring features.

Adobe Flash Player for iPhone? Don't hold your breath. By Matt O'Hern at 09:55 AM
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Dennys Grand Slam / Top Super Bowl Ads

twitter jackbox

Pittsburgh Steelers fans aren't the only ones celebrating a major victory. Jack in the Box and Denny's made waves with their Super Bowl 43 commercials.

hangintherejack, the theme of Jack in the Box's commercial, was the top phrase in Google Trends.dennys free grand slam It also ranked No.5 without spaces and jackinthebox was No. 16.
Denny's had three phrases in the top 25:

Denny's free grand slam ranked 6

Denny's locations ranked 13

Denny's restaurant ranked 23

Denny's ad featured a group of gangsters discussing "business", only to be interrupted by a waitress spraying whipped cream on their waffles. The ad ends with a free grand slam offer for Tuesday, Feb. 3.
UPDATE: View  pics of the line for free Grandslams at our local Denny's.
Jack in the box went viral with its commercial series. The first commercial reveals that Jack Box has been injured, and you can follow his recovery at, or facebook.

Denny's promo proves that some methods, (a day's worth of freebies) never fails to generate a buzz, while the success of jackinthebox is more evidence that viral campaigns that incorporate social networks can drive a record amount of traffic to your site.

Dennys Grand Slam / Top Super Bowl Ads By Matt O'Hern at 08:58 AM
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Sunday, February 01, 2009 to Coke:Tell us your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

career builder

Careerbuilder, Pedigree, Coke and plenty of other companies payed NBC a pretty penny for their 30-second ads on Sunday. Which one was your favorite?

Leave a comment and tell us why you loved it. to Coke:Tell us your favorite Super Bowl Commercial? By Matt O'Hern at 11:09 PM
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