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Friday, January 30, 2009 Connects College Students with Amazon, Itunes Rewards

Ask any college student to participate in a survey, and you'll probably hear a response such as:

  1. How much time will it take?
  2. What's in it for me?

Will I get spammed after I give you this info?
Survey U has three answers those students like to hear:

  1. 1.The average survey lasts 15 minutes.
  2. 2.You earn Amazon and iTunes Gift Cards.
  3. 3.The information you provide remains anonymous and confidential at all times.

Through online and offline campaigns, Survey U, a division of Globalpark USA, recruits thousands of students across the nation, including each of the 50 states. Valuable statistics are derived from their monthly publications, known as The NOW Report. Answers are collated and analyzed and the data is forwarded to the public sector, private corporations, foundations, trusts, charities and academic institutions.
SurveyU was built with Globalpark tools and is a showcase of the Globalpark platform.
To gauge the accuracy of the stats, I skimmed through an older publication of The Now Report, which noted students shifting from Myspace to Facebook in August, 07- well before Facebook surpassed Myspace in monthly visits.

I spoke with GlobalparkUSA president and SurveyU co-founder Dan Coates at Mplanet2009. We talked about the current college generation, also known as the "millenials"and their unique habits and traits, such as their preference for  Hulu over live TV. iphone surveyThey're also one of the most highly coveted age groups for marketers, and their attention spans are too short to notice traditional forms of advertising.

As a result, the stats provided by SurveyU carry extra value for marketers. The surveys provide a multi-dimensional analysis of habits and trends.
For example, one graph lists the types of online video college students watch (news, politics, sports,movies) compared to the internet population as a whole. They also asked if and when students planned to buy the 3G iPhone, and you can see the breakdown on this image. has its fingers on the pulse of the college community, and marketer would be wise to dig into that valuable info.

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