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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reinaldo Padua of Coca-Cola discusses emerging Hispanic Market

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mispremioscocacolaCoca-Cola (NYSE: KO) is branching out to a demographic that's exploding in population- Hispanic Americans.
Reinaldo Padua, Coke's Assistant Vice-President of Hispanic Marketing, presented Coke's latest marketing strategies at Mplanet2009 in Orlando.

Reinaldo joined a round table discussion that included Donna Sturgess: the global head of Innovation at GlaxoSmithKline and Jeben Berg, a Creative Innovationist for YouTube. Reinaldo expects additional Hispanic interactive features for in the near future.

 We want to be consistent with all of our touch-points that we have with the brand, and online is a critical one. It's been growing by double digits with our Hispanic consumers.

We do have specific website that is the Spanish version of Coke rewards called mispremioscocacola. It's an additional touch-point and experience with our consumers to be in touch with our brand. As we see our key Hispanic consumers growing in their usage of online tools and the internet, it will keep growing our investment behind that opportunity.

Another Georgia-Based corporation that's tapping the Hispanic Market is Home Depot (NYSE: HD). You may recall when my post about Home Depot launching Spanish site that was a complete replica of the English site:

If U.S. population trends continue, Coke and Home Depot should see significant increases in online traffic.

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