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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Movement Finds Extra Funds With Facebook Apps

When it comes to fundraising, brainpower is just as important as your budget, because the budget is usually limited, but there's no limit to the imagination.

Most Americans are so strapped for cash, charities know they're asking a lot when they request even small donations. So what's the solution? Create an interesting app so donors get something in return.

During the holidays, I recommended for charities to consider SEO for spreading awareness about their cause. Social networks are an integral component of SEO, certain groups, such as the Nature Conservancy, have developed unique marketing strategies incorporating Facebook apps and other tools.

Ashish Dixit and David King developed "Lil Green Patch", an app for Facebook that has 5,758,232 monthly active users. Patch allows users to send plants,animals and other characters for display on their profile. green patch app

According to Drew McLellan of McLellan Marketing Group and drews marketing minute, the app has raised $109,000 to date.

Over 6 million Facebook users send each other virtual plants/flowers for their (lil) green patch. And they're told that every time they do, they're saving bits of the Rain Forest. But what does that really mean? How about over $109,000?

Virtual garden is ideal because it's a cheap and free way to send a gift and help a cause simultaneously. Personally, I would like to see other great charities follow Nature Conservacy's lead, because I think it's the path to a brighter future for fundraising.

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