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Friday, January 09, 2009

No UF vs. Utah or USC Because the NCAA Loves Controversy

usc vs. uf

Within an hour of ESPN's release of the final AP top 25 poll, 2,000 fans had already commented on the story.utah football fans

 Debate and controversy sparks widespread interest.That's why the NCAA will never ditch the BCS and implement a playoff system. It's the one attribute NCAA Division 1-A football can boast.(Apparently, Utah fans don't give any credit to either the BCS or AP, just go to

Here's the discussion's you'll hear at work and on sports radio today:

1. Wow- those Gators looked great in the second half, do you think Tim Tebow will stay?

2. Utah went 13-0 and defeated the SEC's co-champion, why don't they get any love from the voters?

3. USC destroyed Penn State in the Rose Bowl and they only had one loss all year, they should get a shot at Florida.

4. Texas scored 45 when they beat Oklahoma, and they won the Fiesta Bowl, they deserve a shot at the Gators.

5. This whole BCS system sucks! When is college football going to start a playoff?

When the Super Bowl ends, there's the NFL draft, and that's it. The same is true after the NBA finals end. In Major League Baseball, fans are glued to the world series, then hibernate till Spring Training. In college basketball, fans go nuts over the opening round and final four of the national tournament, but once the championship game is over, there's really nothing left to discuss.

As long as corporate sponsers are pumping money into the bowl games and fans are debating hypothetical matchups for days,weeks,months and sometimes even YEARS after a championship game, the NCAA football is winning.

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