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Friday, January 09, 2009

Delta Needs a Lesson on Online Reputation Management

You won't love the way they fly.

That's the point of an angry customer's rant about Delta.

A video by Phil Defranco, AKA, sxephil and phillyd, was one of the most popular on Youtube this week.  Defranco is a blogger and self-proclaimed former fan of Delta. He shared his nightmare story about the airline,and 313,000 people have viewed the video since Monday.

delta mottoAmong Phil's top complaints::

  1. The flight was delayed four hours, because they had the WRONG plane, with too much fuel.
  2. Delta ran out of food after they served just 10 people.
  3. When his luggage arrived at baggage claim it was soaked, and the water ruined his MacBook.
  4. Customer service's reply to his luggage complaint was: "Well sir, how do we know you didn't have a water bottle in your suitcase?"

My favorite quote::


I apparently paid them a $15 fee  to destroy my luggage.


Phil ends his rant by asking viewers to share their worst airplane story.

 If you search" Delta on Youtube, you'll find sxephil's video is in the top ten, followed by a video titled: Delta Flight 6499, SEVEN HOURS on the tarmac.After 313,000 people watch bad press about your company in a matter of days, you have a lot of PR work ahead.

British Airways' took a PR hit when a few disgrunitled employees vented their frustrations on Facebook.  Delta has learned the hard way that web-savvy customers have the power to become a corporations worst nightmare.

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