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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Interview with Wharton Professor Jerry Wind at Mplanet2009

I sat down for a one-on-one with Jerry Wind of Wharton School of Business. Wind is the Academic Director of Wharton Fellows Program and the SEI Center for Advanced Studies.

This interview followed his presentation at Mplanet titled:

:Competing in a World of Networked Organizations: Implications for Marketing.


Wind praised Sony for hosting a forum that allowed customers to compare and evaluate products. Wind believes that current economic "mess" will force the best companies to become more creative and utilize their networks to locate fresh talent.


The challenge for a company is 'how do I create a platform that encourages the consumer to interact with me?' Start leveraging the power of open innovation and network orchestration. All of these are perfect for today's environment.


Enablers of network orchestration
1. Flattening of the world.
2. Global availablity of talent and resources at varying prices.
3. Decompisition of the production process.
4. Advances in logistcs, communication, info and tech practices.
5  Intensified competition for having the right product and service at the right time and right place.

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