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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sekai Camera wows TechCrunch 50 conference

Imagine an application that functioned as your own,intimate version of a GPS. It could navigate you through nearly every decision of your life by providing  instant info on any item,product,restaurant or store within your sight.
Such a device might sound like an object you would see in a Stanley Kubrick film, but it's already in the works. Tonchidot, a software company in Japan, has developed a live tagging technology for the iPhone. You can check prices, browse menus or watch a customer's product review, by simply showing it your Iphone.The technology behind mind--boggling concept is still under wraps.

In the Washington Post's article, Marketing Director Peter Anshin said no image-recognition technology is being used.

If you walk through a mall, for example, Sekai Camera tags will show you where you can find something to eat, additional information about a certain product tagged before, or how many are calories in a chocolate bar....Marketing Director Peter Anshin said the company doesn't want to talk about details at this point. But it is obviously using either GPS or cell-tower triangulation, and the iPhone's accelerometer seems to be measuring the angle of what's in view.


One feature that caught my attention was the subway map directory, where lost tourists could obtain simplified route directions from another user, instead of trying to decipher the confusing, color-patterned routes that many tourists are unfamiliar with.

While I must admit that this technology has the potential to be revolutionary, I also believe there are certain sociological elements of traditional shopping that will always appeal to us. Shopping malls offer more than discounts and dining, there's a sociological aspect of walking through stores, interacting with clients and other customers that will always appeal to us. I also doubt that many mall retailers would want to post their info and prices to the application, because they ultimately want each shopper to walk through the store, at the chance that they might make an impulse purchase.

Here is the demo that generated the amazing buzz.

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