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Friday, September 26, 2008

Ocarina Enters New Phase to Enhance Storage Capabilities

I recently credited Ocarina Networks for having the foresight  to create data storage optimization solutions. Rapid growth in data with declining space inhibits many ambitious companies from expansion. As a result,even  giants such as Google, are searching far and wide for answers.

At the Tech Target's Storage Decisions Conference this week, Ocarina announced its updated ECO system-Extract, Correlate, and Optimize .Ocarina claims the enhancement will deliver a 10:1 reduction in complex files such as email,photos,video and similar types. Ocarina's algorithms combine "compression,deduplication and patented Ocarina information extraction", which allow customers to fully utilize the data space they already have.

How is the compression process possible? Ocarina explains it as a "new tier" of storage called "capacity-optimized" storage or the "O" Tier. New "O" Tier functions include EcOmove and ECOsnap, Virtual Global Namespace and Media and Entertainment Post-production file type support.

ECOmove:  Based on policy a file can be moved from primary storage, optimized, and written to a more cost-effective "O" Tier storage platform in a single step.

ECOsnap: Time-sequenced daily snapshots of storage, in which each
day's files are re-compressed and deduped relative to previous
versions in content-aware ways. 

 Virtual Global Namespace: Implement a single view to all files
that have been optimized by Ocarina. Users see a single namespace,
showing files in their original location and size. Behind the scenes
Ocarina has drastically reduced the size of the files and can place
them on multiple physical filers from multiple vendors.

 This latest move shows that Ocarina is expanding on its proven methods to find more solutions to satisfy the growing demands needs from its current customers as well as future ones.

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