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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Myspace and Amazon Team-up to Launch New Music Service

I-tunes may have a new competitor on the rise. Four major record labels signed with  Myspace and Amazon to provide Myspace Music. With the new service, Myspace members can stream songs on-demand, create free playlists and instantly purchase the their listed Isongs from Amazon's MP3 store.

One of Myspace's oustanding characteristics is the fact that it's DRM (Digital Rights Management) Free.DRM reduces user access and distribution of music. To eliminate DRM, Myspace is compensating by wrapping advertisements around the song player. In his interview with Wired, MySpace COO Amit Kapur said their model is to align the interests of every party involved, from the artist, to the listener.

How do we align the interests of every constituent involved in this process? And that is what we believe we've done...No restrictions will exist in terms of jumping from one song to another and you'll be able to add songs to your playlists directly from other people's playlists.

I decided to build my own playlist, and I have a few observations:

1. Most of my favorite bands were available, but not every song by that respective artist was available. I.E.- I added "Austin" by Blake Shelton and his other hit "Ol Red"  (which was submitted by a user, not  the artist.)was listed, but when I tried to play it, the player skipped to the next song. Since the song was submitted by a user, not the record company, so you have to pay attention to the icon next to the song title, or you'll fill your player with empty songs.

2. I was disappointed to discover that the playlist designated for your profile can only contain 10 songs. Most CDs (You remember what those are, right?) contain 12-15 songs, so it would have been nice to give us more.

3. It's a nice luxury to have unlimited playlists at your disposal, but I wonder how many people will bother to create these extra playlists if they already have an organized library such as I-Tunes already installed.

I've criticized Myspace recently, but I think this move shows that they're finally moving in the right direction and expanding to a wider and more diverse audience. I just wonder if they'll be reach that larger audience that's never even created a profile. It will be interesting to see how quickly this music service spreads.


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