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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Marketing Shift-ing Focus to The Economy, Search Trends and Business Analysis

Is the Zeppelin Crashing on WALL ST.

We've all grown weary of the doom and gloom coming out of Wall Street, but the results from this economic crisis have drastically changed the way we view the tech industry.

For the time being, we will shift some of our focus from smaller marketing startups to publicly traded businesses, as their movement is often the dog and the startups are the tail. We will of course continue to cover the search industry and keep you abreast of key marketing trends and offer our commentary, snarky as it may be.

It's only fair that we explain exactly what we're talking about a bit
more in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion. MarketingShift is
the personal blog of Jason Dowdell, the CEO and Founder of Labitat Inc
(a very small business) with only 7 full time employees. And being
that our CEO owns and manages a small business he has been fairly
excited about the stock market's recent decline because it meant his
dollar would go farther and he might actually buy some Google stock.

That was until yesterday. Yesterday Jason could no longer look at the
stock market as something that didn't affect him, or his small
business, or my job for that matter since Labitat is my employer.
Yesterday he realized that not only will the entire U.S. economy be
disrupted for months and years to come as a result of the mortgage
crisis, but every person in America will be affected as well.
Additionally, Europe and Japan are facing a similar banking crisis and
we are years from this thing being corrected properly.

As Jason looks to the next 6 - 12 months, he is trying to create a
plan that is mostly reactionary (not the best) in light of the current
economic woes. He has realized that the only way to predict how big
of an impact this economic crisis will have on his small business, and
every other small business in the U.S., is through market research.And there is no better time than now to gather market research data
because so many useful tools abound.

We'll be using Google Trends and
other buzz-related keyword tools to track what is important to the
masses and then decipher that information to you so you'll know what
is happening and can plan accordingly.

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