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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Economic Crisis, Personal Protection Products May Become Hot Items

Gun SafeWith the future of many American banks in jeopardy, some may respond by investing in personal protection and security items,such as handguns, personal safes and security systems.

I noticed a possible correlation: Cities in some of the highest areas of foreclosures also ranked high for the phrase "handguns" in Google Trends. Las Vegas, (which has suffered a 30% decline in property value since 07) ranked No.2. Other cities on the list included Orlando at No. 4, Tampa at No. 6 and Phoenix at No. 7.

 A query for the phrase "home security systems" also included several of these cities in the top ten including  Orlando at No. 4,Phoenix at No. 5 and Tampa at No.6. The shorter phrase, "home security", had Tampa at No.3, Phoenix at No. 6, Miami at No. 7, and Orlando at No. 9. Obviously, there are other socio-economic factors to consider for each ranking, but we believe the correlation is worth nothing.

The phrase portable safe, also had a search surge. Take a look at this graph. Portable SafesWe called B.H. Gun Rack, in Merritt Island to see if they had a spike in recent sales, but salesman Dan Ferrier reported business as usual.

You may think we're "jumping the gun" with our hypothesis, but we're not telling you to join a local militia and we're not trying to create panic. However, if conditions continue to deteriorate on Wall Street and Washington, don't be surprised to see a country-wide increase in sales for these types of products,throughout the weeks and months to come.

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