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Thursday, September 11, 2008

HP to plug its products via MTV reality show


On MTV's newest reality show, Engine Room, Hewlett-Packard is giving the world's most promising graphic designers a chance to create mesmerizing graphics with HP workstations,monitors and products.

16 artists were selected out of an original field of 2,000 people from 122 countries.Each seven-minute episode will follow four teams, with four designers each, as they combine brainpower to cultivate the best digital art they can envision.  At stake- $400,000 and the controls to MTV's giant Video Screen in Times Square.

In the New York Times' article,Nancy Reyes, an account director on the Hewlett-Packard account at Goodby, said:

We take three, four months to create a commercial, and we saw kids creating parodies on YouTube in a fraction of the time.The idea of giving these kids who are creating amazing things with computers a stage, a global stage, to show off their work seemed like a natural fit.

The first episode airs next week on MTV and MTV-U- a channel geared toward college students. Each team will be judged by a panel of judges,including a physicist, a museum curator, a tatoo artist,filmmakers,and the art director from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the Hewlett-Packard creative agency.

Celebrity guests such as Kevin Smith and Moby will drop by for guest appearances.I expect this direct advertising concept and format to filter its way into other networks. Similar concepts include Madden Nation",  where ESPN and EA used a format that paired competitors in nationwide tournament in a luxury bus. It aired for three seasons and throughout each tournament,competitors met famous NFL stars for a quick,one-on-one challenge.

Should this format continue to gain popularity, the line between entertainment and advertisement will continue to be blurred.

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