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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Google's Android Phone Gets Mixed Reviews After Media Debut

The heavily anticipated debut of Google/T-mobile Android phone created a media splash, but not the ripple effect Google desired. Due to its comparatively late release, the "Iphone-Killer" Android wasn't hailed as a revolutionary device, but it wasn't labeled a total flop either.The isn't great news for Google, T-mobile or the manufacturer, HTC.

According to Visible Technologies, which specializes in social media analysis, chatter regarding the gadget quintripled in the hours leading up to the debut, but the blogger,twitter and news media response was "overwhelmingly and simply neutral".

Visible Technologies gathers the data from  TruCast
, the company's social media analysis and engagement platform.

Here are two of the charts regarding feedback from the Android debut Trucast produced,courtesy of Visible Technologies.

















The results found:

  • The most opinionated comments came from the Twitter community, where the 140-character maximum demands concise thought.
  • Bloggers and news media-with more ink space to ruminate-were generally objective in their posts about Android on the HTC phone.
  • The vast majority, if not all, of the negative comments about Android were made in comparison to the iPhone. The highest volume of coverage came from news media sites.

The good news is the high percentage of positive respones, but the negative response results indicate that Google,compared to Apple, is perceived by some as the little brother with inferiority complex. Apple's main advantage was that it already had the upper hand in public perception and consumer loyalty.This identity struggle could develop into something similar to the ongoing Mac vs. Microsoft battle.  As Google prepares its advertising blitz for the holiday shopping season, I can't help but wonder how deep they'll dig into the blogosphere and social networks before they form their advertising model.

If Google's top priority is to convert the rabidly loyal Iphone users to their product, it must distinguish its brand as unique (multiple models available) and adaptable (open to any app developers.  The rest of Google's focus should be on the Apple-free market, who is just looking to upgrade from their boring, standard cellphone.

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