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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brand Digital Book Review: Online Branding Simplified by Adamson

BrandDigital by Allen P. Adamson You may remember a certain author I mentioned during an earlier post regarding the Microsoft/Seinfeld split, where I referenced the book BrandDigital, by Allen Adamson. I examined more of his branding book and discovered some simple yet profound insights that can be applied to any company that's searching for an authentic and stronger brand. One recurring theme throughout his book is the dynamic relationship between the brand and the consumer. Throughout BrandDigital, he highlights companies that have successfully tapped into the plethora of resources for mining data on their target markets.
As marketers, we have unimpeded access to customers thoughts and actions-whether they're posted on blogs, on corporate websites, on the walls of social networks, or on industry disccsuion and review boards. Search and ye shall find. Everything is out there behind one big magnifying glass.

Some of the key themes in his book:

  • The importance of a single idea
  • Call attention to what makes your brand relevantly different
  • The importance of delivering on your brand promise
  • "Who" trumps what
  • Listen to your customers
  • Be ready to make rolling adjustments
  • Invest in content that people want
  • Deliver on your brand promise

Three themes piqued my curiosity:-Call attention to what makes your brand relevantly different, the importance of a single idea, and  the importance of delivering on your brand's promise.

The importance of single idea

Burger King's tagline "Have it your way" is an idea that has thrived for decades because among the first to recognize current marketing culture -promise that the consumer controlled the experience. Adamson used the Whopper and the subservient Chicken as a microcosm of Burger King's promise. During his research, he discovered 221,184 ways to order a Whopper, and customers came to expect a fully customized order every time they approached the counter or drive-through menu.

The importance of delivering on your brand promiseHow do you deliver on your brand promise? Well, for starters, you must understand the digital product you're marketing, as well as your customers. and the most successful brands become famous by making their customers brand evangelists.

To understand digital technology you MUST interact with it. In order to serve your brand well, it's essential you have a working knowledge of the space in which they and you are playing. IE-flickr,facebook,myspace, advertising on Google

Throughout BrandDigital, Adamson provides examples of companies that have  distinguished their brand as unique and essential. Many times, those key elements are "hidden in plain sight", as he puts it.

It's an inspiration that springs from an observation of the obvious. Ever wonder why they give you those teeny,tiny headphones and expect you to hear the movie over the roar of Rolls-Royce engines? Ever wonder why a hand-operated can opener makes your hand hurt? As a result of asking the first question, Bose came up with ... Its line of Quiet Comfort headphones have made listening to in flight moves and music a joy. OXO Good Grips came up with a unique and practical line of kitchen products in response to looking at something that now seems obvious.The meaningful difference of its products can be experienced in the way they feel and function as well as in the inventiveness of its packaging presence.

You can read more about simple yet effective branding concepts in Adamson's other book, BrandSimple, which is available at Amazon and bookstores.

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