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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple loses Appeal and May Leave Investors With Sour Taste

Following its drop to 113 points, many investors may reconsider Apple as a worthy investment for the long term, for several reasons.

1. No exciting product releases in the near future.

2. The Android ,Google and T-Mobile's answer to the Iphone, is set for release next month for $20 less than the Iphone, which could cut into Iphone's overall sales.

3. Despite its customer loyalty and strong reputation as an elite brand, the current credit crunch and economic slump may persuade many Americans to forgo their brand loyalties in favor of lower priced-products, whether its their morning cereal or personal computer.

Unless Steve Jobs and the minds at Apple create an exciting new product,rather than  than a revised iPod, it's hard to envision a return to the 180-point range Apple enjoyed earlier this year.

We all remember this famous line from Forrest Gump:

"Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company. So then I got a call from him, saying we don't have to worry about money no more. And I said, that's good! One less thing"

Forrest Gump Apple Stock

Looks like Forrest might have to hit the high seas and get back to his shrimping business.

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