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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yahoo's Fire Eagle Let's You Know What's Happening…Right There

I spent the day planning a trip to Clay County, a small berg in the southeastern part of Kentucky that most of you have never head about and even more of you will never visit. I bring this up because I spent the day printing out maps and charting my travels before I left.

It was a royal pain in the ass -- even with Google Maps, which made the whole affair bearable. However, I hate the idea that in 2008 I still have to pre-plan my trips before I go. (Yes, I am that friggin' lazy.)

New location software like Yahoo's Fire Eagle may alleviate some of that in the future, although right now the tech press is struggling a bit to explain why it's so cool. The app allows you to store and manage your locations, accessing them with mobile and desktop devices, thus destroying the need for me to obsessively plan (and it may help you as well).

I'm a bit confused about how this is different than Google Maps, although presumably it is since nobody has yet compared the two services -- at least that I've seen.

I know this, the local news aggregation service Outside.In launched an application that -- using Fire Eagle -- let's you get mobile updates about what is going on within 1,000 feet of you.

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