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Friday, August 29, 2008

Tropical Storm Tracking on your Iphone

As another Hurricane(Hanna) looms in the Atlantic, I'm about to leave for a labor day weekend roadtrip . Instead of relying on the weather channel,I'll be relying  on a variety of weather applications on my Iphone,such as weatherbug and wunderground's storm tracker, because I can get straight to the facts.

Why have I grown tired of tv coverage? Because I like a straighforward diagnosis whether it's from my doc or my mechanic,so I know what I'm headed for.  But its become increasingly challenging to get that from local or national news coverage , because even Hurricanes are marketable now.

Let me explain: You have to wait 20 minutes just so see the storm's latest track. Instead of giving us the facts we actually need,  we're forced to sit through a scene that's reminiscint of ESPN College Gamday"  with Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams spouting hype and a panel of "Experts"regurgitating saftey tips that we've heard for 20 years. Then we're subjected to Home Depot and Lowes Commercials for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, the STORM'S actual path isn't even the main FOCUS anymore. Instead, they'd rather show us replays ad nauseum of damage and bufoonery such as this.

As Fay trudged through our state, many of us talked about the flooding but often wondered, where the heck is the storm anyway? We didn't even know if and when it was going to come back across the state. Now, I'll admit that nobody wants to watch 30 minutes of computer models, but the weather channel and local news coverage leave us all in the dark, literally and figuratively, when we have to dig for the plain facts.

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