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Friday, August 15, 2008

Stallone Shows Poor Timing with latest Promo

I saw this story and thought it was too good to pass up for a Friday post.

Apparently, Sylvester Stallone's publicist isn't familiar with the phrase "Timing is everything."
Russia's invasion of Georgia dominated international headlines this week, yet, at the peak of the conflict, Stallone announced his deal to promote Synergy Russian Vodka. An excerpt from the Rueters' article reads:

Stallone -- whose film character John Rambo killed Soviet troops by the dozen in Afghanistan and whose Rocky Balboa humiliated Soviet boxer Ivan Drago -- will advertise the product under the slogan: ]There is a bit of Russian in all of us.'The advertising campaign concept was based on the fact that the actor has Russian roots, Synergy said in a statement, referring to Stallone's great-grandmother, Rosa Rabinovich, from the Ukrainian town of Odessa.

Stallone's gaffe inspired me to search for prime examples of marketing blunders: Here are some of my favorites:

Staying on the alcohol theme, here are two examples of how poor translation can damage your products image:

  • Bacardi created a fruity,girly drink named 'Pavian' to suggest French chic ... but 'Pavian' means 'baboon' in German.
  • Coors' lost its latin american fan base with its motto "Turn it Loose", which translated to "Get Diarrhea"

And another example of bad timing in the summer:

  • "Summer of Snapple": A 25-foot ,17-ton popsicle composed of snapple juice was placed in NYC's Union Square. Within hours, New York's notoriously-brutal summer heat melted the giant promo into a sticky mess that stopped traffic and required the attention of the FDNY.

Hope these gave you a good laugh for your weekend.


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