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Friday, August 08, 2008

Sprint Looking to Dump Nextel

I've been a loyal Sprint user for years for once reason: the company continues to teeter on the verge of collapse so it always offers the best services.

At some point that's going to catch up with them, I know this, and its continued decline in value doesn't make me feel great about my $350 Treo. While it's had some success with its most recent phones (we are suckers for big screens), the reality is that the company has already started bracing investors for an even worse decline than this quarter's 11 percent drop in revenues.

And you can't even blame the mobile industry as a whole because Verizon just continues its dominant march, pushing aside all competitors in the domestic market.

Sprint may end up dumping Nextel, a merger that never made sense. The companies targeted two different markets and trying to smash them together -- as we've seen time and again -- proved to be a horrible idea.

All this may be a very good thing for the company. The new CEO has repeatedly said the company's goal is to shore up its mobile services, increase its customer service satisfaction and stabilize the budget. Dumping Nextel and moving away from the WiMax market may be just the thing the company needs.

My phone hopes so.

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