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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Social Networking a Worldwide Phenomenon, Facebook Stands Alone

It's official. The social Web has gone global.

The worst kept secret in the world -- that people use the Web to connect globally -- has been quantified by comScore, one of the leading counting agencies of the digital age. One of the most prescient observations about MySpace and Facebook, the two largest networks, is the stark difference between the two:

Facebook's internationalization strategy has consisted of leaving the single site intact but allowing members to translate it into the local languages of their choice. MySpace, with its focus more on media consumption rather than communication, has launched several dozen localized editions of the site instead.

Facebook continues to grow at the fastest rate globally, in large part because its service has just started appearing in translated versions -- meaning it's been late to the global house party.

Despite getting in late, Facebook's focus on communication -- and not consumption -- has made it the number one social networking site on Planet Earth.

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