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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RIAA Shutters Muxtape Website

The web is aflutter over a playlist-sharing website to shutter its service temporarily while it work out some legal issues with the recording industry.

Muxtape allows people to compile and upload their music playlists -- not the actual music -- so that others can discover new music and share their likes with friends without actually uploading music, which stumbles across of copyright law.

The site posted a notice late last night explaining the decision to shutter is only temporary.

This is the second recent shuttering of a site that merely allows people to share information -- not the actual music -- about music. However, legal experts believe Muxtape may be on solid legal footing, despite the halt.

"I think they have a strong legal defense," Von Lohmann told "The problem is if they might not have that money to go to court and take on the RIAA."

The site has attracted a strong following of netizens who viewed the network as a great way to skirt around the sometimes Draconian legal wrangling of the recording industry, which has resorted to scores of high-profile lawsuits against people who share digital music files.

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