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Friday, August 22, 2008

Newspapers Slowly Dropping AP Wire Service

I had the opportunity to tour the Associate Press offices a few weeks ago on my trip to New York City. They are undergoing what I think is a seismic shift in their business model, although they keep telling me I'm wrong and I take them at their word (sort of). They've adjusted their rates, which has sent some smaller papers scampering away, even as they've diversified their revenue streams across broadcast and Internet platforms.

Wired News weighs in on the smaller papers dumping AP, saying their collective move is risky but smart in a depressed market. Since the AP is focusing on breaking news -- delivering it cheaper than its full wire service -- I'd say it's a wildly intelligent move by the wire service.

Here's why: major news sources are struggling to compete with the millions of alternate news outlets, many of which are small operations. By delivering daily, breaking content at cheaper rates, the AP is aiming its services at the largest growth market.

They don't care where you see their news; only that someone is paying them to deliver it. And those smaller services are starting to kick the ass of the traditional media, so expect to see that news delivered in fun, new ways.

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