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Friday, August 15, 2008

New Mobile Phones Take Aim (Again!) at the iPhone

Apple doesn't normally get into the game early, but once they do, the company's legions of dedicated fans can sweep aside competition.

So it's gone in the mobile phone sector. While Palm and Motorola have struggled against the Blackberry domestically and Nokia globally, the iPhone has become the must have mobile apparatus.

Yet companies still continue to rage against the Mac-aholics without realizing that people aren't buying a performance machine (Macs are decidedly less functional and free than other devices), they are buying a brand.


T-Mobile plans to roll out a Google phone later this year. Of course this isn't a phone that just does search really, really well. It's a phone that…well, nobody's quite sure what it's going to do. The key behind it is that architecture is open, which means any software developer anywhere can make software for it.

Facebook, the world's number one social network, took this approach to taking down MySpace, which had until recently kept developers from working on products for it.

The real sign that Apple's iPhone is a winner is that everyone is now scrambling to design a phone that looks like it. The Treo, which has been the step-brother to the Blackberry for the past few years, is getting a hip upgrade with the latest model.

All of this comes a great time for Apple's competitors as the company is having massive issues with its 3G phone, which is not good now that the company is trying to position itself as an electronics maker -- not a computer company.

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