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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Microsoft Browser May Block Web Advertisements

Microsoft's Internet Explore has finally done something that Firefox hasn't: blocked advertising in its native environment.

While discussing the details of its new browser, Microsoft unveiled its privacy settings which allow people to surf websites anonymously. An ancillary benefit: advertisements won't show up, according to Wired News.

For years, I've downloaded the Firefox plug-in AdBlock, which eliminates most display advertisements automatically and gives me the freedom to block Flash and other annoying components of the Web.

Microsoft's addition, though, makes that a default setting within the browser, one that people who aren't prone to adding plug-ins and such on their computer will love.

The move has understandably upset the advertising industry, which makes it bread-and-butter following you around the Web. And you have to think that someone from Microsoft's own company -- which recently went on a buying spree of ad-networks and an attempted purchase of Yahoo for its search-and-advertising business -- might be miffed as well.

The reality is that most users don't want those invasive ads. The Web is a different beast than print and television, yet marketers continue to push old-school revenue generators on it as if their sheer force of will can make that happen.

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hacking is becoming a simple task people will jump at the chance to hack someones computer,its sad but its true and again the innocent will suffer, oddjob

Comments by oddjob : Friday, March 12, 2010 at 11:42 PM

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