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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kindle Struggles -- But Pushes -- the eBook Market

News of the Kindle eBook's dominance may have been vastly over-stated, according to The Register.

While Amazon won't release its numbers related to sales for the e-Reader, TechCrunch reported that numbers are lower than initial predictions. But the news comes as the company begins the next phase of its rollout, targeting various groups with redesigned Kindle's specifically individual market sectors like universities.

Despite the low sales figures (allegedly), the Kindle is still generating the type of word-of-mouth that, in the long run, helps consumer technologies. The reality is the Kindle is still a luxury purchase as book publishers make the transition to eReaders. So it's imperative that customers who buy the Kindle pass their experiences on to friends.

With increased sales will come increased book availability.

And Amazon is already looking towards a September rollout of Kindle 2.0, the sleeker version of the original model.

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