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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hulu Internet Television Service Going International

My favorite website, hands down, is Hulu. The streaming television and movie service houses most of my favorite shows, all available for free right now. Thus far, only U.S. citizens had the opportunity to watch the programming.

That's about to change.

On news that the company now reaches 3.2 million people -- which ain't a bad haul for watching television online -- there's speculation the site may begin to invade other markets. Most notably: Europe.

The $100-million, NBC-NewsCorp-backed site recently started looking for an international management team, a pretty good indication that something big is going on overseas. But they haven't put the cart before the horse. The company just inked a $50 million advertising deal, which will place commercials on the service (and coincidentally means that Hulu will officially make more money in revenues than most companies I covered at Wired News during the dotcom boom).

Hulu is poised to be one of those big, EPIC winners on the multimedia Web -- and also a pretty dang good case study for anyone launching a media property online. Hulu is going to win (as long as it doesn't change the underlying model) because the service does what the movie and music industry failed to do: turn pirates into consumers.

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