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Monday, August 18, 2008

Help a Little Gal Upset a Media Giant

Most of you probably know Renee Blodgett and have heard of her Down The Avenue blog and know she's friends with all of my favorite technology patriarchs. But did you know she's a one-woman band? Did you know that she's represented more PR firms pre-funding and then post-funding than any other PR person I know (and I know plenty)?!

Why am I telling you this? Well Renee is trying to win a blog competition being held at PRWeek and she needs your vote. She's up against Voce Communications, they're no Ogilvy, but they also aren't a one-person shop either.

So let's help Renee while we still can. She has until midnight tomorrow night to get as many votes as possible. If you've ever rooted for the underdog and love seeing a good upset in sports then now is the time to vote. Renee can win this competition but only if you vote now.

If you do take the time to vote then please drop me an email at jason [at] marketingshift [dot] com and I'll pass on your comments to Renee and consider your business for inclusion in the marketingshift directory of marketers. I've included a screenshot below to help you see where you need to vote.Vote For Renee

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