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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Google Unveils Enhanced Tracking Tool

With Google'snew tool, Insights for search, an enhanced version of Trends,researchers can analyze the demographics behind each search phrase.

From the New York Times article:

It gives you much better insights in terms of what’s happening on a geographic basis, potentially allowing advertisers to target geographically, said Danny Sullivan, the editor of Search Engine Land. Mr. Sullivan said Google has long given marketers the ability to target ads geographically, but not the tools to learn how to do it most effectively.

Results can be divided into regions as wide as the world and as narrow as each state, with timespans ranging from 2004, to the past 30 days. With the start of the new season just around the corner, I tested the phrase "college football." Just for curiosity's sake, I put the filter on worldwide- past 30 days. Obviously, the US was first, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

Once I narrowed the filter down to the U.S., I made an educated guess that Alabama(notorious for its rabid fan base) would lead the pack. A  quick query confirmed my hypothesis, as Alabama ranked No.1, with a score of 100 on the scale, followed by South Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Lousiana,Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi and Utah.

Absent from the list were Florida and Texas, two large states with several competitive teams at the Division 1 level and two recent national champions (Univ. of Texas in 2005,Univ. of Florida in 2006, ). A closer look at the results also revealed the surging popularity of  phrases such as USC football, Ohio State football, Notre Dame Football, and NCAA 09- one of EA's most popular sports video games.

What does all of this prove?

1. I'm aching for football season to start.

2. The deep south still loves college football more than anywhere else.

What's a marketer to make of all this data? Well, if I was promoting a new college football product, I would devote a lot of my focus to the southeast and midwestern states. I would also keep in mind that some of the cities usually considered mid-range to smaller markets- such as Columbus (Ohio) Birmingham, Memphis and Nashville and New Orleans-could be some of the most valuable markets to target.

Thanks to Google, this valuable info can also be derived from any other term or phrase you want to scrutinize.

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