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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Google Challengers Face Long, Uphill Battle

Cuil, founded by a former Google employee, and Wikia Search, founded by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, have miniscule users right now as each works out the kinks in its respective systems.

The small numbers shouldn't be all that concerning as Web growth oftentimes takes some time; more concerning is the functionality that is substandard in comparison to Google (which is to be expected). However, there's a small window of opportunity for competitors who can easily find themselves swallowed up by the search giant.

The good news for Cuil is that its results are testing well, outperforming Google in "relevance" tests that measure the types of results delivered.

It's not so optimistic for Wikia Search, which so far seems more hype than hope in the search war. In comparison to Cuil, it's been getting little media traction. Instead, Wales is courting those who want an alternative to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

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