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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fox caters to college crowd with premier screenings

Fox is reaching out to the new generation  and will livestream season premiers of "Fringe"  (Sept. 9) and "Terminator- the Sarah Connor Chronicles" (Monday, Sept. 8), to students who log on to Fox's main site from an .edu domain.

As for the verificaiton fee, I'm assuming that if Fox' doesn't ask users for a college email, it will reverse IP lookup to confirm the .edu domain.Once the .edu is confirmed, Fox will supply live stream during the show premiers, as well as access to special interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other bonus materials.

The exclusive access feeds support research results incdicating that teenagers and college-age students who are watching more tv and video on their computer than their actual television. If the college feed proves to be a successs,  it will be interesting to see if Fox develops similar feeds for its other hit shows such as Prison Break, House M.D. and 24, which tend to attract  a similar market.
This latest form of media melding confirms that major networks are trying to craft their shows to the same format as DVD and Blu-Ray.

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