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Monday, August 18, 2008

Dems Tune to Fox for Secondary News Source

Democrats, as it turns out, are more likely to seek out varied opinions on subjects than their Republican counterparts -- at least in terms of their television viewing habits.

The Pew Center just released a study about the viewing habits of the politically affiliated, and while Fox News and CNN skew the way you would expect -- Republican and Democratic respectively -- more Democrats tune in to Fox News than Republicans do to CNN (follow that?).

What's not surprising is that this isn't surprising.

I just finished a book by Farhad Manjoo, a former Wired News scribe who currently works at, called True Enough. The book looks at how "truth" -- that elusive concept we used to agree upon -- can be distorted Orwellian style in an age when disparate outlets create uber-niche audiences.

What Farhad found -- although I don't want to speak for him -- is that Republicans have embraced the niche outlets far more forcefully and with the idea of pushing their spin-centric message to those who have a natural affinity to agree with them.

Is this bad?

As someone who both works as a journalist and teaches on the collegiate level, I have my own thoughts. Ultimately, though, that's for you to discern. But the more analytics we have, the more we're able to understand how people have become to believe "the truth" that they hold as self-evident.

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