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Friday, August 29, 2008

Coke testing 100-flavor fountain

In America, we're always looking for extra choices and Coke is ready to test our tastebuds with a fountain of 100 flavors. From the AJC article

The new dispenser, which fits in about the same space as a current eight-valve machine, uses high-concentrate ingredients to store more beverages. Adding a new brand is about as easy as changing a print cartridge,” the company said in a press release.

Innovation is our lifeblood, said Chris Lowe, president of the Coca-Cola North America food service and on-premise division, and we wanted a dispenser that offers consumers greater beverage variety while helping our customers increase beverage profitability.

The article doesn't specify how the flavors will be categorized, I.E.-a vanilla button- with three variatons, or 100 seperate buttons, but the end result should  offer a refreshing change from the 6-8 choices we've been accustomed to.

How can Coke's strategy apply to online marketing? It follows a simple but often forgotten virtue in marketing-choice is almost always a good thing. That's why Android's Market, which allows anyone to register an app, may prove more appealing than the App Store.

There is one inherent risk when you offer more choices- customers may just opt for the same familiar choices they grew up with. A timely example American presidential politics, where a viable-third party candidate rarely emerges because people take comfort in the old,familiar system.Until they're convinced the third choice is worth a shot, they'll stick to their old habits. We'll just have to wait and see how the drinkers vote.

Enjoy a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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