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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best Buy and Apple Join Forces

Best Buy and Apple combined powers and gave their bottom lines a healthy boost by announcing that 3G I-phones will be sold at Best Buy, starting Sept. 7. Prior to the partnership, Apple's highly-coveted devices were only available through Apple Stores,an AT&T stores. Now, they'll be sold in 600 of the electronic retail leader's stores.

While this new agreement should increase the supply,  shoppers are still left with no choice but to subsrcibe to AT&T's two-year plan.Best Buys' revenue figures from Sept. 7-9 should be interesting to note, considering that over one-million of the new I-phones were sold in its first weekend on the market. With the Christmas shopping season only a few months away, Best Buy may entered at the best time.

As for Google's Android, the long-anticipated rival to the I-phone, it's offcial release date has yet to be confirmed, but yesterday's article by CNET suggests that it may be available by mid-september. Perhaps today's Best Buy /Iphone announcement will give Google more incentive to push for  a release date before 2009. Otherwise, Android will have even less time to catch Apple and AT&T as thousands of new subscibers are added during the holiday season.


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