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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3D Animation Inches Ever Closer to Reality

I spend my days at the university steeped in digital animation, storytelling and other forms of weird computer stuff that nerdy types like me enjoy. I'm constantly amazed at how realistic artist renderings are becoming in the digital environment.

There's news rumbling about the leaps a few companies in the 3D animation space have made.

Alter Ego has a killer set of facial renderings, the type capture the nuance of the human face without leaving you with the creeped out feeling that a serial killer is in your midst.  That's what happened a half-dozen years ago when the CGI-Final Fantasy movie -- based upon the wildly popular computer game -- hit the theaters.

As computers get more powerful and renderings get more realistic, there are more tools on the market as well. The professor who teaches animation at Northern Kentucky University shows me a new program each week it seems. And they run on all platforms -- Linux, Microsoft and Apple -- making the technology far more accessible than those that are simply tied to one.

But it's not just software. Hardware is a key component as well. Some of the more innovative partnerships are combining the two together.

The end result, as is always the end result of innovation, is that these tools will not only give artists the opportunity to create more realistic images, but soon the general public will be able to create 3D renderings as well.

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