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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NY Times, LinkedIn Partner Up

For the past year, some of my students and I have been messing around with content management systems -- which is software that allows you to publish to the Web without really knowing what's happening -- that allow you to share information easily with your friends.

That's the fun of the Web after all. Finding, clipping and sharing stuff with the people you know.

The New York Times and LinkedIn have side-stepped the technological hurdle of using one system, though, and instead created a partnership that delivers targeted stories from the Times to LinkedIn users.

The partnership combines the 25 million users from the business networking site (LinkedIn) with the 17 million readers of the news (NY Times), which can only boost the use of both sites because it adds a targeted value for each.

Every deal between digital companies doesn't make sense. In fact, sometimes I think companies just work together to give the appearance of some movement. This, however, makes sense.

Ultimately, though, we'll get a front-row seat to see how people actual use these sites. For years, LinkedIn has been a slow-growth networking site that people visit on occasion, not regularly. This move, I would guess, is an attempt to change that usage pattern without investing money into creating content -- since it's unclear whether the site's users actually want new content.

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