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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mobile Web Hits Tipping Point

The funny thing about technology is that nobody is using it -- and then everyone is using it.

The change seems to happen over night, at least for some things. The Web, for instance, went from this playground for geeks to a world-wide phenomenon in just a few years. It appeared as if it wasn't there…and then it was.

The mobile Web has that feeling about it; however, a new report suggests that we've crossed the threshold of "not there". Nearly 40 million Americans are now browsing the Web with their mobile phones, making our country the most mobile Web-savvy.

What comes with that, though, is an increased desire for better performing, more powerful mobile tools. In other words, we're already no longer satisfied with a slow experience that eats up battery time. We're looking for a high-end user experience.

For companies, that presents a problem and an opportunity.

The problem: how in the world do you pay for the sudden demand for high-speed, high-end services?

These things aren't easy or cheap to build. Infrastructure is expensive and more than one company has lost its shorts trying to lead the way.

Which brings us to the opportunity: new advertising and subscription models will be easier to sell because we're already used to paying for mobile service.

The Web was given away so we're reticent to pony up to pay for content. We're not quite as stingy with the mobile phones.

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