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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Microsoft Now Wooing America Online (But So is Yahoo)

You would think after entering into a disastrous relationship with a technology company, Time Warner wouldn't be all that excited about doing a deal with the uber-tech company, Microsoft, but that's apparently what's being bandied about today.

Time Warner is ready to ditch much of what you know as AOL, instead rebranding the system as an online advertising network -- all the rage these days; meanwhile, Microsoft is looking for a way to broaden its content strategy online, creating a competitor to Google's massive network, which it can in turn monetize with -- you guessed it -- an advertising network.

While it makes sense to me, I'm in the minority here according to a poll over at ZDNet. At 4:53 today, 60 percent of respondents said the potential deal either would make no difference to Microsoft's attempt to compete with Google or would be sillier than a proposed deal with Yahoo. Only 11 percent believed the deal would position Microsoft as a content player.

The ironic part: Yahoo is also courting AOL, hoping to score its content and advertising network as well, making it the logical competitor to Google.

What does it all mean? Right now it means Google is wiping the table with its competition and no company believes it has the technology at its disposal to change that. So Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL -- the Holy Trinity of tech companies -- are desperately looking for a way to elevate its stature without giving up one of the Big Four seats at the table.

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