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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Internet Coupon Use Jumps 83 Percent; Mobile Coupons Coming

Clipping coupons isn't something that has ever particularly excited me. In fact, I hate it. I can't keep track of them. I never know when I've bought something I have a coupon for. And I always lose them whenever I'm shopping.

The reality, though, is that most people don't have the organizational issues I do. I know this because every major category for coupon clipping has climbed since 2005; however none have experienced the growth that online coupons have -- even if that category continues to bring up the rear in terms of use.

So why then am I excited about 11 percent of the market?

Because of the possibilities for mobile and Web-based coupons are limitless. Having a centralized repository of all online coupons would be a wonderful place for people -- and it would likely draw a massive crowd.

Particularly in this economy.

There's already a move afoot (pdf) to create a mobile platform for coupon delivery. Last month, Yahoo jumped into the game with a mobile coupon partnership. I know I receive all of my Border's coupons on my mobile phone, allowing me to shop and receive discounts without lugging around a stuffed envelope. In fact, I give all of my paper coupons away because I know I'll never use them.

With geo-location devices becoming standard issue on most phones -- that's GPS to regular folks -- I'd expect to see a new spate of services that target you where you are, giving companies the ability to offer up to the second deals.

By Brad at 03:10 PM | Comments (3)

(3) Thoughts on Internet Coupon Use Jumps 83 Percent; Mobile Coupons Coming

Another mobile coupon platform to check out is Dizgo (discounts on-th-go). Dizgo takes a slightly different approach to mobile coupons giving retailers a self-service mobile advertising platform to generate real-time demand for their products and services. Consumers may opt-in to receive offers from specific local retailers, or search for relevant discounts/coupons from nearby retailers by SMSing keywords (i.e., Sushi, Happy Hour, Italian, Ice Cream, Lunch). More info at:

Comments by Jeff : Friday, July 18, 2008 at 04:26 PM

And when you add imaging to text, the options increase even more. We at recently partnered with Maui Clothing Company to promote their discount mobile coupon.

The advance of the iPhone, G-1 and Storm, we can give vendors a product that highlights their brand recognition. In only six weeks our client list has grown to offering discount coupons to businesses in six states and growing.

Mobile Coupons are the true clean green solution to clipping. For more information go to:

Comments by Art W. : Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 11:08 PM

Brad you were right. At, our mobile coupon usage Thanksgiving week was 72% higher than the entire previous month, and it continues to grow.

I'm not so sure push targeting will be a success. Unlike the movie Minority Report where scanners in the mall recognize you, and tell you about the latest deal in the mall, bluetooth text messages that do the same are far too intrusive.

We prefer allowing customers to opt in. You can get more information at

Comments by Art W. : Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 02:02 AM

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