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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Intel Gets Approval for In-Home Monitoring Technology

My father has heart problems.

He's had them for many years, which makes it a little less scary; still, we all keep it in the back of our minds. On occasion, his heart will flutter -- it's an arrhythmic beat -- and if it doesn't correct itself, it's off to the doctor.

It's not life-threatening per se, but it's surely an interruption. When it happens to often, he has to wear this big, strap-on heart monitor so the doctors can record the rhythms.

I bring this up because Intel just received the go-head to sell the Heath Guide, an in-home monitoring system for patient's with chronic illnesses (although I have no idea if "heart condition" counts as chronic).

It incorporates interactive tools for personalized care management and integrates vital sign collection, patient reminders, multimedia educational content and feedback, and communications tools such as video conferencing and e-mail.

In other words, the new system allows doctors to have a connection to their patients -- at least their vital statistics -- remotely.

In a world that is increasingly becoming flat, this type of system allows for 24-hour monitoring, a task many hospitals now employ by contracting with doctor's from overseas who -- because of the time change -- can provide real-time diagnosis.

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