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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Court To Force Google to Turn Over Data about You

For those of us who spend an inordinate amount of time (inordinate, I said, not unhealthy), concerns about privacy loom overhead like a dark storm cloud.


Not the privacy you see: credit card information, medical records.

We all keep a watchful eye on those and anomalies are reported quickly. The real danger comes from the hidden privacy, the data that is collected while we surf the Web, watch videos, read stories and click on links.

Despite assurances and promises from big media companies that our personal data -- that user name, password, IP address -- will never be used or sold, we know that we're standing on the precipice of a very steep and slippery slope.

The fact is most sites have a great deal of data about us. Particularly Google.

And now a federal judge has ruled that the eponymous search giant must turn over all of its user data is has for YouTube, it's equally eponymous video site. The reason: Viacom has sued Google for copyright violation, claiming that most of its growth is due to copyrighted content uploaded.

The only way to figure that out, Viacom said, is to look at exactly who has been watching what.

What's interesting -- as Mark Cuban points out and ReadWriteWeb follows -- is that if its found that Google actively removes pornography from the site, as some have suggested, the company would lose any legal protection it has from Viacom, which could do two things:

  1. Put Viacom in control of Google depending on the monetary damages assessed
  2. Make your personal data open and available to the major media companies

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