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Friday, July 25, 2008

China's web users top US

One of the rising superpowers in the world just got an extra boost.

According to China's government data, the country saw a 56% increase in web use from June 2007 to June 2008, with almost as many users (approximately 253 million) as the US' entire population (approximately 305 million).

When you consider the disparity between the populations (1.3 billion to 305 million), the report doesn't seem like much of a surprise , but keep in-mind that the Chinese government restricts citizen use to any anti-Chinese sites, sexual sites,human rights groups and oocasionaly even Youtube, which was blocked during the tibet tensions in march.

What were some of the main reasons for the surge? Music, news and instant messaging, with 29% of the users coming from mobile phones.

China's growth potential is staggering, since 80% of the population hasn't been tapped, yet the nation saw 48% growth in internet revenue from 2006-07. According ,the total number of users should near 490 million by 2012. That's almost 200 million more than US

So where does China come into the big picture? For companies such as Google, China could represent the ultimate future goldmine ,especially once 3G technology is expanded across the nation. The restrictive government is the main obstacle to China's potential  to become the internet giant. Until the infamous "great firewall of China" is knocked down, its growth will be blocked.

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