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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Book Publishers Turn to YouTube

The great thing about social media is it opens so many doors you never thought about peeking behind.

A few years ago, my writing partner and I wrote a book about virtual worlds. As part of that, we'd set up some in-game book tours, which our publisher thought was a bad idea and a waste of resources. (What resources? I have no idea. It didn't cost anything.)

These days, though, publishers have started looking around for new ways to promote their work -- and one of the cool ideas coming out of this is the book trailer. There's a great post at the Pandemic Blog, about social media marketing, that gives a great overview of the best trailers on the Web.

One of the world’s biggest publishing houses, HarperCollins, went even further and built a book trailer studio in their offices that will have the capacity to create 500 book trailers a year. This is a sign that established players in such an old-fashioned and non-technical industry like book publishing are recognizing and unleashing the potential of viral videos.

There's even several sites -- including Book Trailers -- that are dedicated the best book trailers, an At The Movies for the literary geek in you.


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